Canine Enrichment (7:00 PM) May 7 Enriching your dogs life through mental stimulation!

Canine Enrichment

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7:00 PM May 7, 2021

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Regular enrichment and allowing dogs to engage in their innate behaviors such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing, and scavenging will lead to a happier and healthier dog. It allows them to be physically, emotionally, and mentally satisfied. Missing this opportunity dogs tend to find ways to enrich themselves, usually in unwanted behaviors! There are many DIY projects as well as amazing product lines that provide great opportunities for you and your canine companion. Join us to learn about these opportunities, why they matter, and to answer any questions you may have about canine enrichment.


  • Class includes a sniff mat. There will be additional interactive toys available for purchase
  •  $25 dollar deposit will be required to secure a spot in class remainder will be due prior to or day of class


Upcoming Sessions

Dates: May 7, 2021
Total of 1 sessions

Friday, May 7:7:00  PM
Natalie Holland



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